Welcome to anJie – Aiding Needy Jews in Ethiopia


anJieAiding Needy Jews in Ethiopia — is a volunteer group of concerned Jews and others seeking to help the destitute Jewish communities of Ethiopia.  

What Does anJie do?

  • Raises Awareness — Very few know that thousands of Jews still languish in Ethiopia. Hundreds of children suffer from severe malnutrition. Adequate shelter is nonexistent. .
  • Seeks Aid — A 2017 Israeli Knesset delegation found the communities “in dire need of medical, nutritional, educational and other forms of humanitarian assistance”. anJie seeks to increase the current severely inadequate level of private aid for food and medical care, especially for children and pregnant/nursing women.
  • Unites — Provides solidarity with these communities, who feel abandoned by world Jewry, and urges the State of Israel to allow these Jews to make aliyah, reuniting them with their families in the Jewish homeland.
  • Advocates – anJie advocates for Jews in Ethiopia, who live as steadfastly devoted Jews. They strictly observe Shabbat and holidays, keep kosher, and suffer discrimination by the non-Jewish majority. They are members of our extended Jewish family and need our help.
  • Takes Responsibility — Fulfills the traditional obligation of all Jews to take responsibility for each other as one people. Babylonian Talmud, Shevot 39a

To learn about the Jewish communities in Ethiopia and their circumstances, please start by visiting our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. For several recent newspaper articles (in English) that have appeared in the Israeli media, please see News and Media. For anJie’s current projects, please see Blog Posts. To learn who we are, please see our Who is anJie? page.

And, of course, most importantly, to help the Jewish communities, please go to Donate Now. As anJie is not yet a 501(c)(3) [federally tax deductible] organization, we invite donations to either or both of two such organizations with long experience helping the Jewish communities in Ethiopia, SSEJ.org and/or NACOEJ.org. Links to these organizations are provided at our donations page.

To keep up to-date on our progress and on the communities, please “follow” us by entering your email in the block shown on the above right of this page, and then confirming upon receipt of the initial email. And, please share this website on social media and help us to spread the word on behalf of the communities. Thank you!

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