Each summer, NACOEJ, with the (non-financial) assistance of the youth leadership group B’nai Akiva in Israel, sponsors a two-month feeding and activities “summer ‘camp'” in Gondar and Addis Ababa for 1,900 Jewish children ages 6-18.

The word ‘camp’ appears in apostrophes here because there is little, if any, relationship to “youth summer camps” as we in America know them.

Rather than fun in well-appointed residence, recreational, and dining facilities set amid beautiful natural settings, the Jewish children in Ethiopia receive (1) a very meager lunch, and (2) zero-budget Jewish educational and recreational programming provided by Israeli volunteers.

Nevertheless, for children who have virtually nothing, eight weeks of a little nutritious food and Jewish programming is the highlight of the year.

NACOEJ is responsible for providing a very basic daily lunch — a roll, a banana, a potato or other vegetable — but does not have the $40,000 [at $.50 per meal!] to do so; it must struggle to raise this amount from donors like you.

ANJIE is committed to helping with this vital fund-raising effort. Can you please help? A donation of just $20 — not much more than a single lunch in the U.S. — will supply a Jewish child with a lunch every day during the eight week program!

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