Meet Solomon Mulat, 21, Jewish Community in Addis Ababa

Solomon lives with his parents and three siblings in this one-room mud home.  

Here are some family photos (his father was a work when the group photo was taken).

The family arrived in Addis twenty years ago from Gondar, anticipating Aliyah, but only Solomon’s mother’s uncle and aunt have been allowed to immigrate to date.  

Solomon’s father works as a security guard.  Solomon’s brother is a community hazzan (cantor) and is teaching Solomon this traditional skill.  Solomon speaks excellent Hebrew, which he has learned from Israeli volunteers, and quite good English.  He is a B’nai Akiva madrich (guide/leader) for younger children in the community.   Here is a photo of him teaching some members of the community:

Solomon hopes to study at yeshivot in Israel and in the US.  

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