Summer 2021 Update and Aid Campaign

Dear anJie Supporters, Friends, and Community: 

In past summers, a small, private organization — Struggle to Save Ethiopian Jewry (SSEJ) (with financial assistance from North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry (NACOEJ)) – sponsored modest “summer camps” for the impoverished Jewish communities of Ethiopia.  

As you might imagine, “summer camps” in Gondar and (only if sufficient funds are available, also in Addis Ababa) have been extremely basic and nothing like what American Jewish children experience.  Still, the Jewish programming, food, games, and participation by Israeli volunteers have been the annual highlight for 1,700 children. The “camps” are essential for the morale of the communities.  

This year, unfortunately, due to Covid and the resulting dire health situation in Ethiopia, authorities have recommended to close or significantly limit the “camps.”  Doctors report that there are no funds for Covid tests.  Hospitals are out of beds, oxygen, and other supplies.  Many victims with lesser cases opt to stay home and get better — or not.   

The Jewish communities need your help for Covid tests and other medical and hygienic supplies…in addition to food and medicine.  Currently, funding is needed to continue already limited programs for: food and medical care for under-5 children, for pregnant and nursing mothers, and for the elderly. 

Please donate here by credit card or by mailing a check to SSEJ at:

459 Columbus Avenue
Suite 316
NY, NY 10024.

*Please reference anJie in the check memo line.*

With gratitude on behalf of the Jewish communities of Ethiopia,

anJie committee

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