News and Media

“Thousands of Ethiopian Jews Still Stranded in Ethiopia as Last Flight Set to Land.” The Jerusalem Post, July 1, 2019

“Empty Chairs” David Breakstone, Deputy Chairman of the Jewish Agency, The Times of Israel April 18, 2019

“Rabbi of 8,000 stranded Ethiopian Jews fights to complete their exodus: The Jewish Agency’s Menachem Waldman works to reunite generations of forcibly converted Jews with family who have been in Israel for up to 20 years.” Bernard Dichek. The Times of Israel April 5, 2019

Enough Promises-Act Now to Allow Ethiopian Jews to Come Home! Today, there are still 8,200 Jews in Ethiopia. Their dream is to make Aliyah.” Jerome M. Epstein The Jerusalem Post October 20, 2018

“My Unexpected Visit With the Forgotten Jews of Ethiopia.” David Ha’ivri. The Jerusalem Post April 29, 2018